Banners to Honor Veterans and Service Men and Women

The Veteran Appreciation Banner project is coordinated by the Veterans Appreciation Foundation, Zanesville-Muskingum County Convention and Visitors Bureau, City of Zanesville, and Xpressive Graphics.

Veterans Appreciation Foundation Banners

CurrentBanner Locations

South StreetAnthony Adornetto
6th StreetBernard Agin
6th StreetCameron Agin
Main StreetWalter Agin
Main StreetRexford Agin
Main StreetMarc Agin
5th StreetKurt Agin
6th StreetDavid Alexander
Awaiting LocationDaniel Amspaugh
6th StreetWR Anderson
6th StreetMote Ashby
Main StreetAngela Bailey
6th StreetEugene Baker
6th StreetDonald Barclay
South StreetLloyd Barnes
6th StreetJeramie Barnes
Main StreetDonald Bates
5th StreetRandal Bates
5th StreetCecil Baughman
5th StreetDavid Bice
Main StreetRaymond Biggum
Main StreetRoyal Border
5th StreetJames Bowen
6th StreetGeorge Bradley
Main StreetJohn Brady
Main StreetRobert Bronkar
South StreetKyle Brookover
Main StreetRonald Brookover
Shinnick StreetPaul Brown
Main StreetRobert Brown
6th StreetLisdsey Buchanan
Main StreetBruce Burley
South StreetJacob Burns
Main StreetDonald Campbell
Shinnick StreetLarry Carrel
Awaiting LocationWayne Clark
5th StreetJohn Clark
6th StreetCody Clark
5th StreetCody Clark
6th StreetTerry Clark
6th StreetVirgial Clark
Main StreetEdward Coen
South StreetGregory Comstock
6th StreetRobert Cooper
6th StreetThomas Cooper
South StreetMaxwell Cooper
Awaiting LocationShawn Cooper
6th StreetJohn Cooper
Main StreetWilliam Cooper
South StreetCarlie Cooper
6th StreetDonald Cottrell
Main StreetHerb Coury
Main StreetTony Coury
Main StreetOrlie Crawford
Main StreetJohn Crawford
6th StreetChristine Croyle
Main StreetFred Curry
Main StreetAustin Dalrymple
6th StreetGeorgia Dalrymple
Main StreetSamuel Decker
6th StreetJames Delbrugge
Main StreetClyde Dudley
5th StreetDennis Dunlap
South StreetFord Dunlap
Main StreetRocky Dunlap
6th StreetDelmar Dunlap
Awaiting LocationChad Embrey
5th StreetKirk England
5th StreetKeith England
Main StreetThomas Fenton
South StreetKenneth Ford
5th StreetDuane Fox
6th StreetWayne France
4th StreetGene Galloway
Main StreetDick Galloway
Main StreetWayne Geiger
4th StreetThomas George
South StreetErnest Gibson
5th StreetHarry Gipe
Main StreetMatthew Goins
Main StreetDonald Goins
Main StreetRonald Gottke
South StreetTerry Gottke
Awaiting LocationFrederic Grant
South StreetEdward Grimes
Main StreetJohn Hale
Main StreetRaymond Hale
Main StreetJack Hampson
4th StreetWilliam Harrier
4th StreetJim Hartman
Awaiting LocationEdward Hemmer
Shinnick StreetSean Herron
Main StreetRyan Hill
Shinnick StreetDennis Hitchcock
4th StreetRobert Hodgson
Awaiting LocationRob Hook
6th StreetElden Hudson
Shinnick StreetJune Huey
Main StreetCole Huffman
Main StreetRaymond Huffman
6th StreetLeonard Huntsman
Main StreetPaul Hutcheson
5th StreetJay Jennings
4th StreetJohn Johnson
Shinnick StreetDale Jones
Awaiting LocationEllis Kelly
5th StreetStephen Kelso
5th StreetRichard Keys
6th StreetTerry Khune
Main StreetJohn Kincheloe
5th StreetBlaine Klaus
6th StreetCharles Klinehoffer
Main StreetWalter Kolopajlo
Main StreetTanner Kuhn
5th StreetSkyler Kuhn
Awaiting LocationAlvin Leedham Jr
Main StreetNorman Lemaster
5th StreetGlen Lightfoot
6th StreetMilman Linn
Awaiting LocationJames Earl Linscott
South StreetJake Lonas
Shinnick StreetDaniel Luman
5th StreetClarence Mansfield
Main StreetRonnie Marshall
South StreetHarold Martin
5th StreetJohn Mattingly
5th StreetFred Mautz
6th StreetWm. Mautz
5th StreetRoger Mautz
Awaiting LocationJeffrey Mcintire
6th StreetWilliam Menhorn
6th StreetEd Middaugh
6th StreetGreyson Milam
Main StreetHerman Miller
Awaiting LocationBud Miller
Main StreetRobert Mills
5th StreetKirby Minnich
Awaiting LocationBrent Mirgon
5th StreetHoward Mitchell
6th StreetJames Moorhead
Awaiting LocationDoug & Kris Moorhouse
Awaiting LocationTom Moorhouse
South StreetPeter Morozowsky
6th StreetWilliam Morozowsky
South StreetJoseph Morrison
6th StreetEd Mulholland
Main StreetTom Nash
6th StreetWayne Newland
Main StreetRobert Nichols
Main StreetOval Nixon
4th StreetDale Noyes
Main StreetRichard Page
6th StreetWyatt Paul
6th StreetDavid Penny
Main StreetChristopher Penny
Main StreetChris Phipps
5th StreetJoseph Pishner
5th StreetJack Pletcher
5th StreetMack Predmore
South StreetDan Price
Main StreetKenneth Pruden
5th StreetTerry Renner
5th StreetChuck Reynolds
5th StreetDavid Reynolds
4th StreetMichael Roberts
5th StreetDavid Robison
South StreetEdward Rouan
5th StreetRyan Roush
Main StreetHarold Sciance
6th StreetLoren Seckman
Awaiting LocationEvan Sevcik
Main StreetVincent Sevcik
Awaiting LocationFrederic Sharkey
Main StreetKenneth Shelly
Awaiting LocationRobert Sieliet
6th StreetAlbert Smith
6th StreetRobert Smith
6th StreetWilliam Smith
6th StreetArthur Smith
Awaiting LocationJohn Smitley
6th StreetClyde Snider
Main StreetErvin Sowards
Awaiting LocationFranklin Spillman
5th StreetRobert Stansberry
Awaiting LocationJoseph Stevens
South StreetLevi Stoneburner
6th StreetAlvin Stoneburner
5th StreetDavid Stoneburner
6th StreetMarvin Stoneburner
Awaiting LocationStoey Stout
Main StreetCharles Strickler
Awaiting LocationCharles Todd
6th StreetJames Tucker
South StreetJoseph Walker
5th StreetWendell Ware
South StreetMike Watts
Awaiting LocationTed Weinberg
Awaiting LocationCraig West
Shinnick StreetWilliam Wharton
4th StreetLarry Wheeler
6th StreetDonald Winn

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